About Us: The FastPeopleSearch Mission

FastPeopleSearch is a quick and easy people search tool that gives you instant access to valuable information. No matter what information you have to work with, our people search can help you dig deeper

What is FastPeopleSearch?

FastPeopleSearch was created to bring next-generation big data access to a small screen. Our people search is fast, anonymous, and, most importantly, 100% FREE. We give you instant results when you need them, where you need them. A Fast report gives you important insight that can have tangible effects – after all, sometimes it's the little things that make a world of difference.

Address Lookup

Find out who lives at a particular address, or who used to live there. Inputting a street address will reveal current and past tenants, going back up to 40 years.

Reverse Phone Search

We've made it possible to find people, starting with just their phone number. Simply enter a number to find the owner's name and their other contact information.

People Search

Verify the identity of someone you know now. Or find out where a former friend or associate is now, starting with a search by name on FastPeopleSearch.

An Online People Search Tool Built for You

We know a typical people search process can be lengthy and confusing. We're here to do the hard work for you. FastPeopleSearch.com searches millions of records to get you the details you need – fast. Whether you have a name, city, phone number, or more questions than answers, we're here to help.


Think someone you know used to live in that old house down the street? An address search will help you find out for sure, as well as tell you where that person can be found these days.


You can make introductions easier by knowing a little more about your new neighbors. Find their names and where they came from with an address lookup at FastPeopleSearch.


You can find out where someone lived previously by searching their current address. Just enter it in the search fields above and find a person's address history going back decades.

What Can FastPeopleSearch Find?

You may be surprised just how much you can learn from a FastPeopleSearch report. A single name can be enough to unlock years of information, some of which might be completely unexpected. FastPeopleSearch can help you find a person's:

Quick, painless people searches. Instant results. Information when you need it most. All it takes is a few clicks to reconnect with lost friends, discover who's contacting you, or navigate whatever else the world throws your way. We're proud to offer our services to clients just like you, conducting hundreds of searches on a daily basis


The most common reason why people use our reverse phone lookup is to verify the identity of an unknown caller. Simply enter the number and get the owner's name fast.


Don't take a chance answering a phone call or text from a number you don't recognize. A reverse phone search can help you to determine if the phone number is legitimate or not.


When a number is all you have to go on, you can use it to find someone you haven't seen for a long time. A phone number lookup reveals the owner's name, address and other current contact info.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is FastPeopleSearch safe to use?
You can confidently and safely use FastPeopleSearch to get the information you need. Our service works by quickly analyzing millions of available records to gather information from various sources. We'll only count on information you provide to find the answers you're looking for.
How much does FastPeopleSearch cost?
Using FastPeopleSearch.com is 100% FREE – we believe that you shouldn't have to pay to find information that affects your life. Conduct your searches without the hassle of paying nickels and dimes to use a quality service.
Will the person I'm searching for know if I use FastPeopleSearch?
Don't worry – FastPeopleSearch protects your data while you search. Our people search process is totally anonymous. The person you're searching for won't be notified.

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