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See the public records info behind a business or home with an address search.

There is a lot more to a property than what you can see with the naked eye. Beyond a building's walls or a property's fences is a possible wealth of data. An online address lookup can quickly and easily reveal that information.

What could you find? An address search at FastPeopleSearch can reveal the tenant history behind a property, going back 40 years. Then, for each of the names listed, you can get access to that person's past and current contact information, including any other addresses and phone numbers.

Perhaps you want to conduct an address search for more personal reasons. There, we can help again. If you think someone you knew used to live at a location, simply enter the address, and we will give you access to a list of the property's current and past tenants of record.


Think someone you know used to live in that old house down the street? An address search will help you find out for sure, as well as tell you where that person can be found these days.


You can make introductions easier by knowing a little more about your new neighbors. Find their names and where they came from with an address lookup at FastPeopleSearch.


You can find out where someone lived previously by searching their current address. Just enter it in the search fields above and find a person's address history going back decades.


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Even if you don't have an address, you can still perform a lookup at FastPeopleSearch.

Don't have an address to search? Don't let that stop you. FastPeopleSearch offers you other options for performing searches. You can conduct a people search by name to locate their contact info. (If you're not sure about the spelling, or exactly what their last name is, browse the names in our People Directory.) Or you can enter an area code and phone number to do a reverse phone lookup and find the name behind that number.


Find people fast by searching their name. Such a lookup is direct and intuitive, and gives you access to all kinds of contact info—phone numbers, addresses, and more.
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Not sure who’s behind that unlisted phone number calling you? Just enter the phone number to find out the owner, whether the number is a landline or cell phone.
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