1142 High St
Pittsburgh PA 15212

13 public records found

Cynthia Weisser
Pittsburgh, PA

Age: 52

Full Name: Ms Cynthia E Weisser

Used to live: Ellwood Ct, Coraopolis PA

Phone: (412) 952-1791(412) 322-5163

AKA: Cynthia MajewskiCynthia WeisserCynthia E MajewskiCynthia P Weisser

Related to: Gerald Weisser • Andrew Majewski • Ann Majewski • Bernard Erb • Daniel Erb

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Gerald Weisser
Pittsburgh, PA

Age: 55

Full Name: Mr Gerald P Weisser Jr

Used to live: Raleigh Ave, Alexandria VABeechwood Ave, Carnegie PATomey Rd, Oakdale PA1st St, Oakdale PA

Phone: (412) 952-2667(412) 952-1791

AKA: Gerald WeisserJerry WeisserGerald P WeisserMr Gerald P Weisser

Related to: Cynthia Weisser • Darla Weisser • Gerald Weisser • Geraldine Erb • Wendy Nesbitt

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David Erb
Venice, FL

Age: 67

Full Name: Mr David A Erb Sr

Used to live: Sandy Hollow Cir, Baltimore MDRaven View Ave, Parkville MDPelham Ave, Baltimore MDRaven View Ave, Baltimore MD

Phone: (443) 231-5594(410) 661-1287

AKA: David J ErbDavida ErbDavid ErbDavid A Erb Sr

Related to: Mary Erb • Bernard Erb • Christine Erb • Christine Goldberg • Cynthia Weisser

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Nicole Killmeyer
Atlasburg, PA

Age: 33

Full Name: Nicole K Killmeyer

Used to live: Main St, Atlasburg PAEllwood Ct, Coraopolis PABalsam Dr, Imperial PAHigh St, Pittsburgh PA

Phone: (724) 947-2923(412) 952-3398

AKA: Nicole K MajewskiNicole KillmeyerNicole MajewskiNicole P Killmeyer

Related to: Shaun Killmeyer • Andrew Majewski • Ann Majewski • Cynthia Weisser • Elaine Killmeyer

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Daniel Erb
Durham, NC

Age: 60

Full Name: Mr Daniel Emil Erb

Used to live: Seymour Dr, Blacksburg VA30th St, Fort Lauderdale FLWoodview Ter, Boca Raton FLHigh St, Pittsburgh PA

Phone: (919) 471-9292(919) 471-9444

AKA: Daniel Emil ErbDe ErbDaniel ErbMr Daniel E Erb

Related to: Debra Erb • Aaron Erb Mason • Bernard Erb • Cynthia Weisser • David Erb

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William Majewski
Murfreesboro, TN

Age: 57

Full Name: William J Majewski

Used to live: Fair Ave, Newberry SCLindsay Rd, Carnegie PAWaywood Dr, Murfreesboro TNWall St, Mobile AL

Phone: (615) 898-0396(251) 776-7383

AKA: Bill MajewskiWilliam MajewskiB MajewskiW Majewski

Related to: Cindy Majewski • Alexander Witkowski • Alexander Witkowski • Andrew Majewski • Ann Majewski

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Ursula Erb
Beaver, PA

Age: 67

Full Name: Ms Ursula S Erb

Used to live: Mckean St, Kittanning PAGrubbs Rd, Wexford PAHigh St, Pittsburgh PA

Phone: (724) 728-5215(478) 288-0027

AKA: Ursula ErbMs Ursula S ErbUrsula E Erb

Related to: Bernard Erb • Cynthia Weisser • Daniel Erb • David Erb • Donald Erb

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Helen Majewski
Coraopolis, PA

Age: 59

Full Name: Ms Helen Marie Majewski

Used to live: Florence Ave, Pittsburgh PALongmore Ave, Pittsburgh PAHigh St, Pittsburgh PAElwood Ct, Pittsburgh PA

Phone: (412) 478-3147(412) 771-1872

AKA: Helen StrahlerHelen Marie MajewskiHelen M StrahlerHelen Majewski

Related to: Henry Majewski • Andrew Majewski • Ann Majewski • Cynthia Weisser • Ellen Majewski

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Leslie Erb
Sarasota, FL

Age: 59

Full Name: Ms Leslie Bramley Erb

Used to live: State Road 64 , Myakka City FLBenjamin Franklin Dr, Sarasota FLAshley Pkwy, Sarasota FLCharing Cross Rd, Sarasota FL

Phone: (941) 924-5019(941) 922-6374

AKA: Leslie ErbLeslie Bramley ErbLeslie A BramleyLeslie A Erb

Related to: Donald Erb • Alexander Erb • Amy Bramley • Anna Bramley • Bernard Erb


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Jayne Wilson
Flint, MI

Age: 51

Full Name: Ms Jayne Wilson Wilson

Used to live: Raspberry Ln, Burton MILouis Ave, Flint MIMichigan Dr, Venice FLPelham Ave, Baltimore MD

Phone: (810) 624-9259(810) 235-3389

AKA: Jayne M WilsonJayne L WilsonJayne Wilson WilsonDavid A Erb

Related to: Leo Calef • Bernard Erb • Christine Goldberg • Cynthia Weisser • Daniel Erb

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives at 1142 High St Pittsburgh PA 15212?

Public records show about 13 people have taken residence at 1142 High St Pittsburgh PA 15212. The most recent resident is Cynthia Weisser. Past residents include Gerald Weisser, David Erb, Nicole Killmeyer, Daniel Erb and William Majewski