4252 Prescott Ave Apt 2e
Lyons IL 60534

18 public records found

Shannon Nye
Lyons, IL

Related to: Tina Nye • Diane Nye • Shannon Nye • Shannon Nye • Adam Weleba

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Merle Garcia
Lyons, IL

Age: 72

Full Name: Mr Merle M Garcia

Used to live: 47th St, Chicago IL31st Pl, Chicago ILHamlin Ave, Chicago IL

Phone: (708) 443-5714

AKA: Merle M GarciaMr Merle Garcia

Related to: Abel Garcia • Alonso Garcia • Ana Cervantes • Anthony Garcia • Candice Garcia

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Marlene Arizmendi
Lyons, IL

Age: 33

Full Name: Ms Marlene Arizmendi

Used to live: Prescott Ave, Lyons ILLawndale Ave, Lyons ILArtesian Ave, Chicago ILCermak Rd, Cicero IL

Phone: (708) 770-3939(708) 442-7458

AKA: Ms Marlene ArizmendiMarlin ArismendiMarilin Arismendy

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Katherine Marrero
Riverside, IL

Age: 42

Used to live: Grove Ave, Berwyn ILOak Park Ave, Berwyn ILCentral Park, Chicago IL19th St, Berwyn IL

Phone: (773) 269-1204(856) 266-1873

AKA: Katherine DelgadoKatherine MarderoKatherine C DelgadoKatherine C Marrerodelgado

Related to: Juan Delgado • Arturo Delgado • Cirina Delgado • Erica Delgado • Eriselda Delgado

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Christie Zimmerman
Carbondale, IL

Age: 29

Full Name: Ms Christie V Zimmerman

Used to live: Elm St, Carbondale ILPrescott Ave, Lyons ILHampdon Ct, Bolingbrook ILClinton Ave, Berwyn IL

Phone: (708) 248-3819(630) 430-4251

AKA: Christie V ZimmermanV Zimmerman V ChristieChristie GambarotaMs Christie Zimmerman

Related to: Jackie Zimmerman • Jacqueline Zimmerman • Jacqueline Zimmerman • Rebecca Gambarota • Rebecca Gambarota

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Tina Mellott
Chicago, IL

Age: 53

Full Name: Tina M Mellott

Used to live: Prescott Ave, Lyons ILLeawood Ln, Du Page ILLeawood Ln, Woodridge ILGregory St, Aurora IL

Phone: (630) 253-8693(630) 427-0252

AKA: Tina M SoucekTina MellottTina A MellottT Mellott

Related to: Marvin Mellott • Deborah Dolehide • Louis Soucek • Ronald Soucek • Veronica Soucek


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Christopher Baker
Berwyn, IL

Age: 32

Full Name: Mr Christopher W Baker

Used to live: Parkside Ave, Oak Lawn IL79th St, Bridgeview ILMerrimac Ave, Burbank IL

Phone: (708) 795-7099(708) 819-0468

AKA: Christopher BakerChris BakerChris W BakerMr Christopher W Baker

Related to: Charles Baker • Linda Baker • Melissa Baker • Charles Baker

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Cynthia Berg
Tinley Park, IL

Age: 57

Full Name: Ms Cynthia A Berg

Used to live: Royal Oak Ct, Cook ILSchoolhouse Rd, Manhattan ILNavajo Trce, Tinley Park IL84th Ave, Tinley Park IL

Phone: (708) 269-2628(708) 285-2629

AKA: Cynthia A GregorCyndi A GregorCynthia BergMs Cynthia A Berg

Related to: Michael Berg • Beverly Gregor • Bridget Cantafio • Erica Berg • Frank Berg

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Tina Nye
Scottsdale, AZ

Age: 40

Full Name: Ms Tina M Nye Jr

Used to live: Thomas Rd, Scottsdale AZ42nd Pl, Lyons ILHarlem Ave, Berwyn IL39th St, Lyons IL

Phone: (708) 205-4898(708) 714-1623

AKA: Tina M NyeTina M Nye JrMs Tina Nye

Related to: Diane Nye • Shannon Nye • Shannon Nye • Shannon Nye • David Furry

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Karen Stokes
Scottsdale, AZ

Age: 42

Full Name: Karen L Stokes

Used to live: 39th St, Lyons IL26th St, Cicero IL48th Ct, Cicero ILPrescott Ave, Lyons IL

Phone: (708) 724-2631(708) 447-7232

AKA: Karen C StokesKaren Stokes

Related to: Amanda Stokes • Amenra Stokes • Fred Stokes • Frederick Stokes • Kim Stokes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives at 4252 Prescott Ave Apt 2e Lyons IL 60534?

Public records show about 18 people have taken residence at 4252 Prescott Ave Apt 2e Lyons IL 60534. The most recent resident is Shannon Nye. Past residents include Merle Garcia, Marlene Arizmendi, Katherine Marrero, Christie Zimmerman and Tina Mellott